Website Popularity- Top Ten Reasons We Need It!

Top Ten Reasons To Achieve Website Popularity

So, I’m admittedly a bad student.. Call me the wallflower with nothing to say. Or even worse, the delinquent that is always tardy or that does not bother showing up to class at all. Yes, I am taking ownership of my ‘blog’ absence but hey, the dog ate my computer? Okay, okay.. no excuses beyond ‘life’s just been a bit hectic’. So, where to begin..

Firstly, I’ll brag a little and say that Website Popularity dot net has been fluctuating beyond page 2 and 3 on the search engines and that’s with me ignoring it for almost 3 months. Kind of like the new kid at school that you’re not sure how to approach, so.. I’ll consider that a start to entering the website ranking internet frenzy. Not too shabby for nominal effort up front, right?

Okay, let the list begin of reasons I want website popluarity:

1. Hey, who doesn’t want to be popular, duh? (I had to go with the obvious first)

2. Without the popularity of your site, you’ll never be seen. (See reason #3 below)

3. The first position ranked receives approximately 40% of all traffic. (Wow!)

4. If you’re a writer, you want those views coming in. (Comments, comments, comments)

5. Links.. If you’ve got the website ranked, your popularity with backlinks will soar and the more links the merrier. (Let’s fly,

6. Businesses.. You’re going to sell more product if the consumers can find your website. (ChaChing!)

7. The second position ranked receives approximately 12% of the traffic.

8. The third position ranked receives approximately 8% of the traffic.

9. The fourth position ranked receives approximately  6% of the traffic.

10. The remaining positions on the first page share approximately 5% of the traffic.

Ugh, those last four are a bit gloomy.. But, all the more incentive for me to keep trying to achieve my website popularity with as little monetary effort as possible. Wish me luck passing the test. I certainly wish the same for you. Feel free to comment if I missed anything as this is still quite the learning experience for me. Cheers!



Website Popularity- The Gloves Are Coming Off!

Being a Part of the In Crowd: Website Popularity

The whole concept of website popularity reminds me of those crazy high school cliques. When I was in high school oh so many moons ago the popularity scale was pretty basic: the jocks, the cheerleaders, the headbangers, the smart kids, and what I call the freaks. Just for the record I was a freak. And we didn’t even have websites and therefore no worries about website popularity.

These days, however, the high school popularity scale has been broken down to such minute detail that I have a hard time digesting it all. Even the freaks have a hierarchy and, sadly, the cut-throat nature of my youth seems to pale in comparison. The battle for website popularity may not bring with it the same dire consequences as a kid with a weapon and a lack of self-control, but in the current economical climate where people struggle to pay bills and keep roofs over their heads, failure to bring in website traffic can affect potential money coming in when you’re out of a job.

Honestly, I’ve ignored this race-to-the-top mentality when it comes to website popularity for years. Mostly because I’m an adult and refused to get caught up in what I viewed as a cheap bid for validation. But things change and while I’m thankfully not out of a job, I do have plans. And plans call for, you guessed it, money.

So the gloves are coming off and I’m entering the fray, conveniently ignoring the voice in the back of my head that’s screaming “sellout!” I’m not even sure what that means or if it has any bearing on my determination to be financially self-sufficient. What does a clique mean, anyway, in the world of adults? Sure you have those who never seem to grow out of the high school mentality, but the rest of us are too busy surviving and thriving to give them much attention.


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